Adopt a Boxer Rescue Testimonial


Adopt a Boxer Rescue TestimonialKim Barnett has helped to make our volunteers at Adopt A Boxer Rescue better volunteers by teaching us what to do and what not to do when handling a dog in many different stressful situations. Kim has been a God send to us in so many ways. We have tried to find a local trainer that compares to her but cannot. Her patience and manner in which she talks to our homes and volunteers is amazing. She is calm and always helpful and makes the average dog owner see situations in a way where anyone can understand how to better help the dog in their home and become the best dog they can. Kim is an asset to anyone who is lucky enough to find her. We use her as much as we can. I have a line of dogs waiting to get into her training program, she has helped us save some dogs with issues that others would have deemed unworthy and not adoptable . So many dogs have been saved thanks to Kim and to that dog and its family nothing is better. We can only hope we get more of her in the future.

Dawn Karam,
Dickson City, PA

Monaghan TestimonialKim has an uncanny ability to read both people and dogs. Not only could she help us understand why our French Bulldog Ernie all of a sudden became possessive after our 10-month-old daughter started crawling, but she also helped us understand how our own personalities played into the situation. Kim’s patience, consistence and sense of humor made a frustrating and emotionally upsetting situation bearable knowing that she was our partner in finding a solution. Today, our daughter and Ernie are, dare I say, almost buddies!”


Beth Monaghan,
Brookline, MA


Kim Barnett Dog Training Testimonial

We adopted our dog Willa Mae through the French Bulldog Rescue Network in Sept 2008. She came from a puppy mill and we were told she was very frightened by people, especially men. I flew to Wisconsin to pick her up and realized when I met Willa that she would need help to over come her issues. Once back home, Willa constantly barked and chased my husband when I was around. When I wasn’t home she was frozen in fear-wouldn’t eat, go outside or even move from her bed. We gave her a week to see if she would settle in but she only got worse.

I started calling behaviorist in my area and was frustrated by their response. One woman actually told me that I might have to consider putting her to sleep because Willa may not be able to be helped. She had never even met the dog!! TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! I then called someone affiliated with the FBRN and they highly recommended Kim.

From the first phone call I knew that Kim would be able to help us. She drove the very next weekend to my home to meet and assess Willa.  Kim had a very tough job on her hands because the only person Willa didn’t bark at was me. So not only did Kim have to help Willa with my husband she would also have to win Willa over herself first. Trust me that was no easy feat!!!

It was amazing to see Kim work with Willa, to help us to understand her fears and how to deal with them properly. And what really shocked us was how Kim was able to get Willa to trust her within 45mins of entering our house!

Well, it has been a little over a year since Kim came to save us and Willa is a totally different dog. Of course it didn’t happen over nite but following Kim’s instructions we saw Willa transform slowly but surely. She isn’t that terrified frozen pup, now she is a happy, playful, loving and YES she likes my husband.  It melts my heart to see her play with him and follow him around (not barking!!!).

Thank you Kim for helping us and Willa!!! Because of you our little darling Willa Mae can lead a happy puppy life and leave her fears behind!

Sincerely, Jodi and Pascal Lemarie

Long Island, NY

As President of the French Bulldog Rescue Network there is no way to quantify all that Kim Barnett has done over the years to help our dogs, our foster families and our adoptive homes.  Kim has conducted seminars, spent countless hours on the phone and on the computer assisting with issues from housebreaking, to fear, to aggression and so much more.  We have been honored to have her  take our most difficult dogs and help them become well balanced, secure and happy dogs.  Because of Kim Barnett’s commitment, we have been able to help more dogs than ever before.

Ruth Chiger
French Bulldog Rescue Network


Dog Training TestimonialLast Chance

When my wife and I adopted a 10 month male Red Nose Pit Bull, we really didn’t know what we were in for, since we always raised our dogs from pups. Chance was a big, wild one, and after 6 months he aggressively challenged me – I was lucky things didn’t escalate. After all our efforts to save him we did not want to return Chance to the shelter – that would have been the end for him.

My wife volunteered for Adopt-A- Boxer Rescue and they recommended we contact Kim Barnett – it was the best thing we could have done. Within 15 minutes of meeting Chance, she had the wild one calm, and under control. Kim then proceeded to educate us on how to be good pack leaders and earn the respect of our dogs (we also have two female Pits) using simple techniques and body language the dogs immediately understood. We diligently followed her advice – even after our session, she was always available by e-mail or phone to help us with any ongoing issues.Today, Chance is a wonderful and loyal family member – thanks to Kim Barnett.

Jack & Charlotte Muller
Coatesville, PA

My first contact with Kim Barnett was a plea for help with Brutus, our aggressive adopted boxer.  She lifted a huge burden from me after the first time she met us by assuring me he was “quite fixable”.  The consult with her was an eye opener.  She was very thorough, honest and encouraging that we could make Brutus a good citizen.  Not only did she give us the tools I needed to succeed but also ones I could use to build on.  After our consult Kim checked in on us often and helped us through some rough spots. The support and encouragement was amazing.  Her techniques work because they are sensible and easy to understand. Once our dog understood there were rules and limits loaded with understanding and consistency he became a much happier dog. My scary dog turned out to be a wonderful funny, sweet, silly boy that our family and friends fell in love with. Brutus blossomed into the dog I hoped to have. This would not have happened if it weren’t for Kim and her innate connection with dogs. I once described her as a blond British Cesar Milan. But she is so much more than that.

When we were looking for a new dog to add to our family we got to meet some of the fosters she had been working with at her home. Each of them with his/her own sad story that left him/her with emotional baggage and many with a past of not making good decisions. These dogs did not fit the descriptions of many of the dogs we met. One little boy could easily get insecure and was very leery of strangers. This little guy jumped up on my husbands lap and wiggled his way right into his heart. It wasn’t long before we adopted him. Batman has been the best little dog for us. With Kim’s guidance and teaching us about insecure dogs he has blossomed! There are few if any signs of his past issues. Kim showed him how wonderful it is to enjoy being a dog!

We also met a little girl that was new to Kim’s. She had a hard start in life that left her with a mountain of emotional baggage. We referred her as “psycho dog”. She snapped, snarled, tried to grab our feet and just lost her little mind the longer she was near someone new. I honestly thought she would never be stable enough get a forever home. Boy, was I wrong! The next two times we met Pippy we noticed a huge change in her. Kim’s incredible knowledge and understanding was transforming this little girl into a regular dog. We could see her sweetness starting to shine through.

When Kim was planning to vacation she asked if we would baby-sit Pippy. We agreed to take the little “psycho dog” since we had ways to keep her separated if need be. With in an hour we couldn’t believe this was the same dog we met just a few months before!  She was sweet, happy and affectionate. She immediately remembered Batman and got along great with our big dog, Yellowdog. She was able to be loose with them almost right away. You could touch her without fear of being bitten; you could pet her and snuggle with her. You could pick her up and kiss her little face!  She did fantastic at our house for the entire 2 weeks. So well that we really didn’t want her to go and said she could come back anytime. She did great with our two dogs, cats and new kittens. She had undergone such a transformation that my husband wanted to adopt her, so we did. If she were a big dog with the same issues she would have been put down a long time ago. It was because of Kim’s devotion, expertise, heart and soul; this lost little girI came to be Miss P, or Sweet Pea as I call her. A long way from the psycho dog we met just a few months before. Thanks Kim!

Angela Lent

Vernon, CT

When we adopted Ruby, our second boxer through rescue, we discovered that the first year of her life had not equipped her for existence in Manhattan.  After her birth in a puppy mill, weeks in a pet shop cage followed by months spent locked in the basement of the man who was her first owner and then with a family that lacked the time and resources to take care of her, she came to us with lots of issues.  She needed basic obedience training and housebreaking, but she also needed help to overcome her fear of all males and loud noises.  The sight of a Central Park stroller with an umbrella in his hand or a UPS delivery man with a hand truck sent her cowering in abject terror.  The sound of the air brakes on a city bus were enough to send her twanging to the end of her leash, eyes rolling.  She was a strange mix of fear and a desire to dominate, jumping on people and attacking other dogs, but shaking in anxiety during a ride on the elevator.  Barking and growling vociferously each time our son arrived for the weekend all the while back-peddling at top speed.

We needed help.

Kim Barnett was recommended by the boxer rescue organization that found Ruby for us.  She was patient (especially in providing guidance to the adoptive parents, who required most of the training), inventive (able to adapt techniques to suit the unique circumstances), and, perhaps most important of all, generously available by e-mail and/or cell phone for counsel and further assistance after the initial session.

We’re not 100% there yet, and Ruby will probably always be a bit of a ‘fraidy dog, but the difference is amazing, and I know I can always call Kim for help.

Judy Jamison

New York, NY

We contacted Kim Barnett to help us integrate a third dog into our family.  We had an older male French Bulldog (Mac) and a young female Boxer (Carly) when we adopted a female rescue Frenchie (Twila).  Twila had been part of a multi-dog backyard breeding situation for many years and was injured and paralyzed in her rear legs.  After years of fighting for food and defending herself, particularly after her injury, Twila was not accepting of Carly’s place in the household.  To make things worse, Carly  was a very nervous, low self esteem dog.  Kim helped us understand the dog pack mentality and gave us the tools to provide the leadership that Carly and Twila needed to co-exist in peace.  She also enabled to relieve Mac from his “duties” as pack leader.  We still face challenges with our girls, but we now have the knowledge and confidence to address the situations before they escalate.  Thank you, Kim!

Lisa Harig
Arlington, VA

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