My philosophy is a simple one: to help humans communicate better with their dogs and have more fulfilling relationships. A soon as we begin to communicate clearly, our dogs respond accordingly. Most of us already have the skills, we just don’t know it. In considering this, I look for the similarities more than the differences in our two species and use them to mutual advantage. It’s no coincidence that the dog has been our closest companion for thousands of years; on an instinctual level we have many parallels, both being a social species.

I don’t use much trainer terminology, preferring to make analogies and commonsense comparisons that anyone can grasp, even the youngest members of the family. In doing so, I invite my clients to see things from the dog’s point of view and make sense of seemingly inexplicable and troubling behaviour, believing that understanding is the first step to change. I don’t teach a dog training program as such, instead I offer a new way of living achieved through mutual respect, trust and kindness.

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